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Comprehensive Web Development
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COmplete Website Packages


Tell us how you would like your website to look and function. This gives us an opportunity to know you, your industry, what you are passionate about, and your business goals.


Review your project and make any adjustments to the design. Mockups are created to define how your website will look. We continue perfecting the design & code until the specifications are reached.


Receive ongoing updates as a complete check of all the functionalities is done in this phase. Our roadmap to achieve your business goals is reviewed and implemented.


It’s time to go live! Implement the requirements to launch your site(s), and show the world.

Website Development

Enterprise Package

This is the full web development package that shows your company to be scalable with unlimited sites and representation.

  • Scalable Multisite
  • First additional 3 sites FREE
  • Customized Themes
  • 1 Year Support
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Domain Procurement*
  • Discounted Hosting

Website Development

Grow BIG Package

For the company that has a solid foot-hold with their industry, yet does not have the online presence that is needing to compete in today’s market. If you need to have representation online and working with what you have already built, this is it. You wanna replace what you built… This Is It. Grow BIG!

  • 6 Page Website
  • Customized Theme
  • Low Monthly Maintenance
  • 1 Year Support
  • Domain Consultation
  • Discounted Hosting

Website Development

The Basics

This is the web development package that gets your company up and running online. It’s created so that you increase your client base and are able to be found with proper representation.

  • 4 Page Website
  • Customized Theme
  • Low Monthly Maintenance
  • Discounted Hosting

*If the domain is not available and/or the cost of obtaining the domain is not agreed upon, a domain consultation will be conducted.

Other Packages 

SEO & Analytics Package

Combine the powerful study of your current website with updates to your SEO. Get an increased ranking result and how your website performance can be improved.

Get a quote » Starts from $300

Build A Subscriber Base

Create repeat customers and visits with dynamic digital marketing materials and trustworthy Ecommerce development on Woocommerce and Shopify platforms.
Get a quote » Starts from $400

Website Re-design or Migration

Begin the process of getting out of the early 2000’s by building a website that is mobile-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing. More so, it get’s you sells.
Get a quote » Starts from $400

Build an Online Campaign

Take advantage of the many PPC campaigns, build your own, make your website sing when internet users search for pure randomness. Using Google AdWords we are able to get you seen even when people are not looking for you.
Get a quote » Starts from $600

à La Carte Services

Website Development
Complete your online presence that is capable of being integrated with your brick & mortar if needed.
Get a quote » Starts from $600
Security Audit
Fixing errors, making sure your site is consistent across all pages, and decrease vulnerabilities.
Get a quote » Starts from $200
Website Support
Complete solutions to keep your website updated at all times. Improving web speed, fixing broken links, creating backups, and performing analytics.
Get a quote » Starts from $80/month
Basic SEO
Get found when people search for your organization. Get found for what you do and your business type, not just the name.
Get a quote » Starts from $80/month
logo Design
From napkin to digital – We can help to create your logo for use both online and in print.
Get a quote » Starts from $40
Style Guide
Color Schemes, website orientation consultation, updated typography are solutions provided with this service.
Get a quote » Starts from $150
Brand Strategy
Your digital marketing and advertising agenda for your organization. Boost your exposure and explore all your online business strategies.
Get a quote » Starts from $250

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